Louise Assomo obtained a master degree in fashion at the Fransisco Ferrer academy of arts Brussels in 2001. Louise was first spotted by the press when she entered a young designers competition in Nancy. Her work appeared in the Fashion Daily news.

At the international shoe fair “Midec” in Paris, Louise Assomo presents her first shoe collection. It was Minatomei a Lebanese brand that signed her as their shoes and accessories designer.

In 2004, she won the third price at the “escarpin de cristal” competition in the young designers category. This famous price is issued by proffesionals of the shoe business and the specialised press.

For 3 years now, Louise Assomo is an independent label. Louise Assomo collaborates with Geike Arnaert singer of Hooverphonic who is now one of her most loyal customers.

In advertising Louise Assmo worked as a stylist and designed clothes for know brands like: Coca Cola, Fortis bank Guerlain perfumes, Galleria Inno…

Louise Assomo is now sold in Antwerp, Gent, Brussels, Namur, Israel, Kuwait, Italy and Paris. Lately Louise Assomo has opened her own boutique in Brussels Rue Des Chartreux 64, Philosophy Louise Assomo creates a highly wearable and feminine collection.

Designed to fit perfectly her clothes are tools for the modern selfconscious woman to express her uniqueness. Most of Louise Assomo’s inspiration comes from the 1930’s and 1940’s with a glimpse of 1980’s. But it is not the sources of inspiration that matters most what does is that girls love to dress with her clothes.

Clothes that fit every body Louise Assomo’s collection appeals to modern women who love to dress elegantly without having to look like “fashion victims.” Its timeless dresses are a musthave for every stylefull lady that wants to feel beautifull and dress comfortable.

Furthermore Louise Assomo’s collection stresses on the beauty of uniqueness so her clothes are designed to fit any corpse! Future projects Raising global customer points especially in Asia and the US. Emphasising on the Louise Assomo accessories and shoe collections.

Organising worldwide Louise Assomo fashion shows.

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