"About usThe International African-German cultural festival was inaugurated in 2010 and exceeded everyone’s expectation -more than 7000 visitors. The Festival backed up by a non-profit association known as AfrikAktiv e.V. has as objective to organize an event that will bring Germans and other cultures in Germany to share in our way of life. Not long after the first events we realized that our culture is not a commodity that is old to foreigners alone as Africans we need to enjoy the benefits of our identity.2010 we relocated to the city of Tübingen where we are based now. This city is known as the University City of Germany very friendly and welcoming. The Festival village known in German as (FESTPLATZ) is a huge complex full surrounded by nature a non residential area free from noise and human traffic. Inspired by this complex we decided to use this golden opportunity to expand making the festival a kind of vacation for the African Diaspora struggling in Europe USA & Africa to come together and relax a place of contact for all types of needs Business services tourism trade fairs and celebration - showcase of our abilities and capabilities – music oral and visual arts as well as designs. We look forward to welcoming every African woman man children –families friends and well wishers worldwide to this great family event. Now is time for Africa a perfect time when we take the responsibility of developing our continent for ourselves and children. Being out here we have seen the difference and come to the conclusion that there is no place like home. Therefore we have to come together and create a home feeling for ourselves while we are out here. Our greatest desire and wish for this festival is that as Africans we shall stay united sharing good and bad times together - that’s our lifestyle and we must be proud and stay faithful to it. While out here we shall learn and adapt to the cultures of our second homes but we shall not be contaminated by this disease called INFERIORITY COMPLEX which transforms and blind fool us to believing that we can become other people overnight. Our diversity by nature should drive us crazy that we turn to switch origin and neglect who we are. Let us come together and keep our culture burning in our hearts for this reason our Festival shall be forever ENTRY FREE to everybody that appreciates and share our cultural values and especially to all the BRAVE-HEARTS on Exodus. Though stroked by bad weather conditions in 2011 a year in which temptations made us to give up but for the love of our continent we stood faithful to our vision we little resources we changed strategy and made more investments and took Europe by storm and in 2012 more than 15.000 visitors amongst other 8.000 Africans from all over Europe. Motivated by this change and reaction of brothers and sisters form Africa USA Belgium France England Netherland - Prognostics 2013 is that 100.000 visitors will attend amongst others 20% will be us Africans. Africa is more than a continent and people it is a way of life! Be here or die trying!"

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