creative district

Creative District revitalizes vacant spaces by implementing projects with societal values and local anchorage, linked to the creative industries, to revive them and (re) create an economic activity.

Through its space, activities, and expertise, Creative District accompany and promote entrepreneurs of the cultural, creative and medias industries. This action takes the form of different tools offering a wide range of services, all with unique spaces in Brussels! In 16 years of expertise in cultural engineering, Creative District founding members welcomed: - 335 companies in residence & coworking, - brings together over 152,000 people in networking, - organized 5640 activities and events and - accompanied 1200 cultural entrepreneurs As part of Erasmus +, in partnership with Greece, the United Kingdom and Bulgaria, Creative District is coordinating the BASET project, which aims at developing support for investors in the social-societal entrepreneurship sector.

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