Embrace the african in you...

Terracles is a successful rising beauty consultancy and online fashion store. Our business focus covers a diverse blend of beauty and fashion ideas that define afropolitan lifestyle. At the www.etsy.com/shop/terracles, you will have a first experience of our vibrant clothing line an insight into Terracles handmade natural hair & body products well crafted accessories for interior decor and handmade hair & body accessories.

Terracles Clothing Line. Our handmade African inspired clothing line is a trendy simple yet sophisticated line that caters to Men, Women and kids. You can combine our clothes with practically everything beautiful. Terracles clothing is for every occasion. You name it we have it. We also provide customized clothing through a concept style sent in by our customers. Interior Decorations & Accessories Terracles is bringing Africa back to your comfy living and working space by providing handmade Africanized interior decoration and accessories.

Africa is alive in your living room and your work space through accessories such as pillowcases storage boxes and more. Kids Clothing give your child the African look! Terracles makes handmade children clothes for kids of all ages. Want your child to look as cute as you do in African print? Or do you have your own style in mind? Let us know and together we can create an beautiful clothing for your adorable little ones.

Natural Hair and Body Products besides our online products and clothing line we also provide natural hair & body products. We believe it is important to understand the science of hair and body. Terracles provides the best hair and body care products for each (natural) individual. Being natural is not an option it’s who you are embrace it. What makes us stand out is our loyalty and understanding for our customers.

Our prices are doable for each individual and we put our customers' preferences first. We are always looking for new challenges and ways to persuade our customers that Terracles is the future.

Enjoy your stay on our website and thank you for visiting.


Email: info@terracles.com

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