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Dr. Armand NGHEMKAP with open heart at the Renaissance Castle in Soissons Dr Armand NGHEMKAP

Doctor of Hospitals, Hospital Practitioner, Graduate in Emergency Medicine, Multipurpose Medical Resuscitation and Medicine and Sports Biology, Dr. Armand NGHEMKAP Practice Medicine in France, also works for the Promotion of the Diversity of African Cultures in the Hexagon.

If Medicine is his Vocation, the Cultural Promotion his Passion, his HORSE BATTLE remains the PREVENTION OF THE SUDDEN DEATH OF SPORTS for which he has been working for more than ten years. .

He has also made the prevention of strokes in Cameroon, his COMBAT and regularly publishes CHRONICLE HEALTH in a concern of information, sensitization and popularization of the gestures to protect the public.

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Guided tour of the BATOUFAM chiefdom By SOPIEPROD Paris

While the Bangoua kingdom was at its peak, there was a reversal of the ruling dynasty by two twin brothers (hunters). One of them took the throne and the other settled in the kingdom; to make peace with the king of the Bandrefam, who had not supported the coup regime, he offered him his daughter in marriage, accompanied by the first son of his brother, the young Nankap. He grew up in his new chieftaincy like a prince. To ward off threats from the north, a surveillance post was set up at the Lo’ochito place on a hill, when Nankap became an adult he was given responsibility for this surveillance post. He later met a people and used his wisdom to become the supreme leader. He later opened the doors of his kingdom to all the deserters and excluded from the other kingdoms of the west. They settled then near a stream. It is this group that will eventually become the Batoufam people. Is the chieftaincy a sacred place, a link reserved and not accessible to the public?


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