She lives in the flat Belgian country for 35 years. The spotlight is focused today on another representative of the diversity of African diversity present in Belgium. Fatoumata Fathy Sidibé, women with several caps is what we could call a woman of character. And the character, when one is a woman, moreover engaged in politics in a society where sexism persists, it is necessary to have and especially to reveal it. She does not miss it. On the contrary.
From June 2009 to June 2014, she sat as a member of the Brussels Regional Parliament for the political group Fédéralistes Démocrates Francophones (FDF became DéFI)). She was President of the Social Affairs Commission in the French-speaking Parliament of Brussels and President of the FDF group in the French-speaking Parliament of Brussels. Following the regional elections of May 25, 2014, she again sits as Member of Parliament for the 2014-2019 legislature. She is also an author and painter.
Interview with a lady committed to multiple paths, defining herself as a plural woman.

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If there is one area in which the Africans of the diaspora are constantly in motion, it is no doubt that of the night with its dances, concerts and other …. And, in the center of these evenings, several event organizers, African DJs, friends, brothers and partners faithful to multiple and proven skills. It is because of all this synergy of investment in favor of the African culture that we (Willy mix and dj François) took the initiative in 2013 to create the professional league of Dj’s Benelux (abbreviated LPDjs Benelux) , with a view to bringing together African Diaspora Dj’s in general and Benelux (Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg) in particular, so that we can work together to share current strategies in the field of promotional communication, the sound and animation of socio-cultural events.

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Sponsored by Afrika Market, a Cameroonian best artist in Anderlecht …

The fifth edition of the Anderlecht artists’ tour, still called ITINERART, which took place from 20 to 29 April, has crowned the Cameroonian artist Jean Baptiste Mvola, presented by Afrika Market, as winner of the 2018 audience award.

More than 100 exhibiting artists in a public or private place of the municipality who met during this fifth artistic adventure. Indeed, ITINERART which aims to promote and support artists, is held every two years in Anderlecht. This promotional vision fully reflects the very essence of Afrika Market’s cultural commitment, which is defined through Afrik’art vandaag, as a promoter of African cultural values ​​in all their diversity.

It is therefore logical that Afrika Market was invited by the Brussels MP and President of ITINERART, in the person of Isabelle Emmery, to participate in this fifth edition of the Anderlecht artists’ course. Our artists previously exhibitors for Afrik’art vandaag, namely, Jean Baptiste Mvola and Walid Glaied, joined by the Cameroonian sculptor Charles Djeumou, have had no trouble integrating this exciting adventure and deploying their artistic know-how during the 10 days of this course.

The revelation of the artist who won the Audience Award was a great honor for Afrika Market as ambassador and a great joy for Jean Baptiste Mvola, who gained artistic recognition from his peers. This prize offers him, among other things, an exclusive exhibition of his works in the House of Artists of the municipality of Anderlecht in April 2019.

We offer here, exclusively, the emotions and impressions of our winner of this fifth edition of Itinérart.

Hello Jean Baptiste Mvola.

Hello Josephine.

Tell us about J.B Mvola the artist. Who are you ?

Jean Baptiste Mvola is an African artist of Cameroonian origin. I define myself as a contemporary painter, having several universes in creativity and originality. I am passionate about abstract and surrealism. I also paint cubism and a bit of impressionism. Some of my paintings bring art lovers closer to the style of Picasso. My different walks are around humor, while emphasizing the light that refers to the sun of Africa.

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