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Sponsored by Afrika Market, a Cameroonian best artist in Anderlecht …

The fifth edition of the Anderlecht artists’ tour, still called ITINERART, which took place from 20 to 29 April, has crowned the Cameroonian artist Jean Baptiste Mvola, presented by Afrika Market, as winner of the 2018 audience award.

More than 100 exhibiting artists in a public or private place of the municipality who met during this fifth artistic adventure. Indeed, ITINERART which aims to promote and support artists, is held every two years in Anderlecht. This promotional vision fully reflects the very essence of Afrika Market’s cultural commitment, which is defined through Afrik’art vandaag, as a promoter of African cultural values ​​in all their diversity.

It is therefore logical that Afrika Market was invited by the Brussels MP and President of ITINERART, in the person of Isabelle Emmery, to participate in this fifth edition of the Anderlecht artists’ course. Our artists previously exhibitors for Afrik’art vandaag, namely, Jean Baptiste Mvola and Walid Glaied, joined by the Cameroonian sculptor Charles Djeumou, have had no trouble integrating this exciting adventure and deploying their artistic know-how during the 10 days of this course.

The revelation of the artist who won the Audience Award was a great honor for Afrika Market as ambassador and a great joy for Jean Baptiste Mvola, who gained artistic recognition from his peers. This prize offers him, among other things, an exclusive exhibition of his works in the House of Artists of the municipality of Anderlecht in April 2019.

We offer here, exclusively, the emotions and impressions of our winner of this fifth edition of Itinérart.

Hello Jean Baptiste Mvola.

Hello Josephine.

Tell us about J.B Mvola the artist. Who are you ?

Jean Baptiste Mvola is an African artist of Cameroonian origin. I define myself as a contemporary painter, having several universes in creativity and originality. I am passionate about abstract and surrealism. I also paint cubism and a bit of impressionism. Some of my paintings bring art lovers closer to the style of Picasso. My different walks are around humor, while emphasizing the light that refers to the sun of Africa.

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The consequences of climate change are a threat to the future stability of the world

Climate change, or climatic disturbance, corresponds to a lasting modification of the decade to a million years, of the statistical parameters (means, variability) of the global climate of the earth, of its various regional climates. They condemn the poor and less advanced countries, like ours, to develop differently. These changes may be due to processes intrinsic to the earth to external influences and more recently to human activities. Anthropogenic climate change is the result of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities. They change the composition of the planet’s atmosphere. To this evolution are added the natural variations of the climate.

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4th edition of the African Guide, a better visibility of the African entrepreneurial dynamic

To give a better visibility to companies of the African community, whatever the sector (medical, paramedical, insurance, hospitality, media, transport, …), elected officials and politicians, associations and service providers, but also create a meeting place between professionals of different trades and the general public to build bridges, develop synergies and development projects together, these are the main objectives that have been working for more than 4 years, the founders of the “Guide Africain Serges Francis Ngunda and Hugues Richepin Njeugna.
The presentation of the 4th edition of the Guide Africain (GA) which took place Thursday, March 16, 2017 in Molenbeek Saint-Jean, one of the 19 municipalities that counts the city of Brussels lived up to all expectations.

Organisée au château de Karreveld avec l’appui de Ahmed El KHANNOUSS, 1er Echevin (CDH) en charge de l’emploi, du Développement économique, social sport et des Relations internationales de la Commune de Molenbeek Saint-Jean, plusieurs personnalités politiques bruxellois, du Brabant Wallon, des représentants des missions diplomatiques, tout le gratin de la diaspora africaine en Belgique et des invités, ont pris part à cette manifestation haute en couleurs qui fédère la communauté africaine et amis de l’Afrique autour d’une même cause, la visibilité de l’entrepreneuriat de la communauté africaine.

Organized at Karreveld Castle with the support of Ahmed El KHANNOUSS, 1st Alderman (CDH) in charge of Employment, Economic Development, Social Sport and International Relations of the Municipality of Molenbeek Saint-Jean, several Brussels political figures, Walloon Brabant, representatives of diplomatic missions, all the gratin of the African diaspora in Belgium and guests, took part in this colorful event that brings together the African community and friends of Africa around the same cause, the visibility of entrepreneurship in the African community.

From the first to the fourth edition, the African Guide has been regularly revamped with more rich, varied and richer content and the success was not long in coming. From 104 pages for the first edition, we went to 188 for the 4th edition. It is the same in terms of draw. We went from 3000 copies of GA in 2014 to 5000 in 2017. Given the craze and the strong demand, the long-term goal is to reach a circulation of 20,000 copies, told us Richepin, co-founder of GA . For this, financial support from sponsors and prospects is essential.

In this sense, GA has benefited from the financial support of Chaabi Bank, a subsidiary of the Banque Populaire du Royaume du Maroc (BPRM), for the launch of its 4th edition. According to Abdelilah BACHKIRI, deputy director of Chaabi Bank, a newly established local bank in Belgium, “we sponsor associations because we believe that the banking element is viable, as long as there is an exchange that has an impact. socially, socially and culturally for the benefit of the population “. In the same interview with Brussels Information Press, the deputy director of Chaabi Bank confirms all his future support to accompany the African Guide. The African Guide has also benefited from the support of Afrika Market, Apedef, Exotic City, Karimdep, the Mutuality Saint-Michel, Sebuma or the AFRICAN bouquet, the grouping company GTS and the transport company and Courier Express CTI and Kaba Bachir & Partners. Colette Njomgang, Echevine of the Cuture and Health of the Municipality of Etterbeek, also lent her support for the success of this event.

More than a directory and contacts of diplomatic missions, media, insurance, health professionals, justice, arts and culture, not to mention the beauty sector of fashion, food, transport, computer and automobile maintenance, associations, …, the Guide Africain innovates and brings a particular touch to this guide, where are presented elected officials and emblematic personalities of the African community of Belgium. Through the GA showcasing several successful figures in different sectors of activity, Vitrine Africaine, publisher of the Guide Africain plays a positive role in the African community in Belgium. Thanks to his work, there is an awareness by the youth that success is possible.

This was the message of Jean-Yves Kitantou, communal councilor at Molenbeek Sain-Jean, and president of the youth of the political group Center Démocrate Humaniste (CDH). Welcoming the positive projects that tend to highlight the diversity of Brussels, initiatives that tend to build bridges between communities, with a recognition of difference, recognition of talents from here and elsewhere, such was the message of Ahmed El KHANNOUSS, during his speech.

Numerous testimonies of personalities taken up in the GA, but also of representative of diplomatic missions marked their support for the work accomplished by a formidable and recognized team of all, Serges Francis Ngunda and Hugues Richepin Njeugna. A succulent dinner and many artists embellished this unforgettable evening.

Moreover, the growing success of the African Guide year after year, like this evening of March 16, 2017, the massive participation of the public, is indicative of the will of a whole community, to build a strong African community. and worthy of a better representation of it in a country of freedom (Belgium), where everyone can express themselves, express their talent and their competence.

Ghislain Zobiyo For BIp Media

PS: Information on the African Guide:

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